Greg Kiss was born in 1975 in Budapest / Hungary. For more than 15 years, Greg has worked as a consultant and manager for various companies mainly active in the telecommunications industry as well as the IT and media industries. Greg earned his doctorate in business administration in 2005 for his work "interactive brand communication". He wrote numerous scientific articles published in the most prestigious national marketing journals like Journal of Marketing or ICORIA. Before, during and after his PhD graduation Greg worked for companies like BASF AG, eprimo GmbH, HVB Group, International Paper, M-net GmbH, OBI GmbH and Co. KG, RWE Effizienz GmbH, Schering AG, Siemens AG, Sun Microsystems, T-Online AG and German Telekom AG as well as Versatel AG and Virtual Identity AG.

Greg is an expert in digital marketing, brand and customer relationship management as well as related business processes in sales and product management. Greg is following a value-oriented approach to claim that his consulting services generate sustainable value for his clients. He is always striving to consistently manage his projects according to their value proposition and ensures a high return on consulting investment for his clients. Greg is currently working for a client in Germany, which he advises in optimization of the marketing and "cross-selling" activities for their smart-home product category.